Cuminas High Compression PDF

High-Compression PDF Technology What is High Compression PDF?

Cuminas’ High Compression PDF (HC-PDF) is technology which compresses a raster image PDF at a high compression ratio when created through Scanners and Multifunction Printers.  Cuminas has applied DjVu’s state-of-the-art compression technology to HC-PDF, so now anyone can enjoy the benefit of DjVu without needing to install the DjVu Browser Plug-in.  HC-PDF conforms to all PDF standards, so it can be loaded through any standard PDF reader.

Please refer to the following whitepaper for details about HC-PDF:

icon_djvu_16x16Caminova HC-PDF (DjVu: 70KB)

icon_pdf_16x16Caminova HC-PDF (HC-PDF: 78KB)

PDF Versions Supported by HC-PDF

HC-PDF supports PDF versions 1.4 and 1.6.  HC-PDF based upon PDF version 1.6 may not be loaded by some older PDF readers, but it provides the highest compression ratio and visual quality.
Similar to DjVu, HC-PDF supports the following three types depending upon the content:

  1. Composite Type:  This is used for color documents with text and graphics.  The image is segmented by the segmentor, which realizes the highest compression ratio.
  2. Photo:  This is used for photo images.
  3. Bitonal:  This is used for bitonal documents.
 PDF 1.4 Composite Type: JPEG (FG/BG) + CCITT Group 4 (Mask)
Photo: JPEG
Bitonal: CCITT Group 4
 PDF 1.6 Composite Type: JPEG2000 + JBIG2
Photo: JPEG2000
Bitonal: JBIG2

File Size Comparison

The following table compares the typical file sizes of file formats with the same visual quality.  The size of DjVu and HC-PDF is 1/20 of the JPEG format, and is about 1/5 Adobe Adaptive Compression.

File Format  Number of Pages  File Size
.JPEG File
.(Page 1)
.(Page 2)
2 1,236 KB
(Page 1: 527 KB)
(Page 2: 709 KB)
DjVu 2 63 KB
Caminova HC-PDF 2 69 KB
 Adobe PDF Adaptive Compression 2 301 KB

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Product Information

HC-PDF is available in the HC-PDF edition of Document Express Enterprise and Document Express Professional.
We also provide an HC-PDF SDK.  HC-PDF is already employed within global companies such as Avision Inc. and Foxit.  Please contact us for details about the HC-PDF SDK.

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